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Live access to content is provided to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used. Travel Portal software typically uses an agency’s specific ID when communicating with suppliers like an airline. But airline reservations are not the only travel product that you can book on line. Hotels have been making their content available online as well for years and cruise is one of the fastest growing areas in online travel today. Improved technology combined with the fact that more and more people are taking cruises for the first time has made booking cruises a huge opportunity for online travel businesses. As cruise lines constantly add new ships and new itineraries, it is important that any solution include all the important information about the cruise line an ship as well as definite lodge portrayals connected to media documents and rich substance, for example, lodge photographs, dispatch pictures and deck intends to aid the shopping procedure. Similar to air, the cruise booking engine should use live pricing and availability during the search and booking process as well.

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Today’s state of the art travel booking solutions include the business management tools needed to control pricing and related marketing messages. Revenue management tools should provide the ability to adjust a product’s selling price, highlight value add offers in the availability display. Applications ought to be intended to meet the one of a kind prerequisites of Global Marketplaces and effectively handle different monetary forms and additionally numerous dialects.  Travel booking Software should include flexible & fully scalable online reservation engines that can easily grow with your business while maintaining your unique identity.

So whether your clients are looking to book an airline ticket, reserve a hotel room or even plan that perfect cruise vacation, the right travel agent software can help you serve them quicker and easier. Finding the right solution for your online travel business will play an important role in determining your success. Finding the right technology partner may be even more important


Flight Booking software company in India

Cyrus has a unique model of Flight Booking Software within its services where the company does flight integration with its products to give an outstanding delivery system to its customers.

Cab booking software in jaipur

India is a huge market for travel booking & hence you should have your own Online Booking Portal software travel website. This booking portal can assist your customers with straight forward booking international and domestic flights. The flight booking engine can also act as a long term earning making system.



So if you assume the stage is all set for your company to rock, why to wait? In case you do not have a portal get unique discounts from Cyrus Technoedge & get it developed of your selection.


There are numerous advantages of flight booking software systemover the manual way of a company. Here are few of the highlighted advantages:

  • Flight Tickets Booking Software is intended and developed under the norms of professionalism.
  • Flight booking Software provides quick and bug free online reservation capability to the users.
  • Ticket bookings, cancellation, flight delayed etc.
  • Appealing banners are available for the purpose of advertisement.
  • API integrated booking solution.
  • Reliable and trustworthy from all respects.
  • Online payment service is existing for the booking makers.

Enhance your Travel Booking software Website

Cyrus Technoedge offers Travel Booking Software solutions or product to all size of travel agencies since its foundation in 2001. Cyrus Technoedge provide travel website development services that empowers offline travel agencies, agents and companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that goes well beyond their expectation and enables them to get online. Our “etraveledge booking software” offers complete solutions to power these online travel agencies, Hotels, tour operator’s vacation package sites and more. In this digital era where large number of people does booking and shopping on the internet, it is vital to have your own travel website with extensive booking engine. Cyrus Technoedge design travel website where you can enjoy quick and easy online implementation and enhance your travel business. No other travel technology solutions provider offers such wide range of online travel products for Travel Agencies, agents and companies with most affordable prices in the industry with best fares and commission.

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Cyrus Technoedge is a leading Travel Portal software Company & Travel Technology Company having clients across the world. We integrate for Flights Booking software Integration for hotels. We have integrated over 100+ hotel Aggregates, Cars, Hostels, Transfers, Money Transfers, and Travel Insurance etc. by using advanced technology integration methodologies.

Cyrus Technoedge will provide the complete Bus Booking Portal Software, which will have different functionalities like creation of route, allocation of routes to different vendors and different buses, seat selection and booking etc. One of the largest modules here will be travel Management System, using which the administrator can create several vendors who can create, add, update and delete their desired Buses on different available routes. The routes can be prepared both by the Portal admin as well as vendor, depending upon the choice of the portal owner.

Booking Portal Software for Online Ticket Booking

Cyrus Technoedge Solutions pvt ltd will provide the complete Booking Portal Software in India, which will have apart functionalities like creation of route, allocation of routes to different vendors and different buses, seat selection and booking software etc. One of the largest modules here will be Vendor booking Management System, using which the administrator can create several vendors who can create, add, update, and delete their desired Buses on different available routes. The routes can be prepared both by the Portal admin as well as dealer, depending upon the choice of the portal owner.

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Cyrus Technoedge solutions Bus Booking portal software is complete software which provides all types of bus booking software. People can book the tickets for AC or Non AC types of buses. API integrate, this travel portal software is specially designed and developed for reservations of bus booking tickets. This travel portal software is easy to support and people enjoy making bookings through the Online Bus Booking System. Here are some of the benefits of the solution:

  • Easy reservation charts are available.
  • Easy printing of ticket option.
  • Options for view history of reservations.
  • Report on daily bookings.
  • Cancellation of ticket facility for the users.
  • Report on ticket cancellation report.


  • The solution has a notification facility; it notifies the users about bookings and all through email or SMS.
  • Informs users about the cancellation of the journey or promotions and all.
  • Some banners are also designed for the solution.
  • Manages all the daily service accounts.
  • Discounts can be provided to direct customers.

Online Travel Booking Software Developers Company

Cyrus Technoedge solutions has been offering Travel Portal Software the travel.  We provide travel website improvement that empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online Travels Ticket Booking software that goes well beyond customer opportunity. A Cyrus Technoedge solution specializes in making flight booking engine portal with best affordable prices. It is defined as the application which helps with travel and tourism industry to help get the airline reservation done easily.

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This booking engine assists customers to online book flights Domestic & globally and other services online. Travel portal development has become a buzz word, which all the travel agencies are very much responsive. Global travel agencies are going online by following OTA approach.

Features of Travel Portal Software

Flight Booking:-

eTraveledge Portal specializes in making Free Flight Booking API with best inexpensive prices. It is defined as the application which helps with travel portal and tourism industry to help get the airline reservation software done easily. On collection of a particular hotel, it will be redirected to payment gateway for payment processing.

Bus Booking:-

eTraveledge Portal provides the complete Bus Ticket Booking Software, which will have different functionalities like route creation, route allocation to different vendors and different buses, seat booking etc. One of the prime modules here will be Seller organization System software, using which the administrator can make several vendors who can create, add, update, and delete their preferred Buses on different existing routes. The routes can be arranged both by the Bus Portal admin as well as the seller, depending upon the selection of the portal owner. Travel portal software will help find out the best possible option available in a particular city as per the search by the user.

Cab Booking: –   

Cab Booking Software has made life simpler for the Cab rental companies, through adding an advanced features like taking cab reservation, tracking of the vehicles and monitoring rateEvery Car booking Software Company presents in the marketplace have implemented the Car booking software to carry on the competitive market. There are a lot of advantages of Cab booking like: – Cab Control and Security, Money Saving, Time saving, Easy Management of Booking and Quotation etc.

Holiday Packages: – 

eTraveledge provides you the best facilities of a complete Holiday Booking Software with a Complete Holiday Booking Engine- We Have Several Holiday Package Options for You!!!

Advantage of Travel Portal

There are several advantages of Travel Portal development services. All types of businessmen providing travel services are using online systems to promote their business. There are different types of supplier’s available here like travel agents, travel agencies; travel operators and international travel companies etc. Are all moving their business online to earn money profit and gains? Online approach provides more customers and hence the chances for increase increases. Different suppliers have different requirements and portal development according to their requirements enhance their business.

Domestic and International Hotel Booking Portal Software

That is the potential hotel software business is witnessing in the Indian Market. How to target the growing market of Hotel booking  Portal software? How to address different and exclusive needs of the customers, who always have better choices? You get all the answers here, we would provide you Hotel Booking software System, which is easy, cost effective and full of options.

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This booking software engine can be easily integrated on your website and can be run to create a successful business & revenue model for company. Our Company software Design and develop hotel booking portal with customized Hotel Booking Portal Software services for hotel industries. With the advent of internet, life has now seemingly wrapped around the fingers. Now people do not have to crawl in lengthy queues to wait for their chance to book a ticket.

We, at “Cyrus Technoedge“, with the help of our creative thinkers, have developed ‘booking portal’ software that serves as one of the hotel booking portal software solutions in Jaipur. This software works for various Booking Portal software like for Hotel Booking software, Bus Booking and Airline Ticket Booking, Taxi and Cab Booking software, and much more. Our customers can save a bundle of time, money, and energy, by opting for these comprehensive accommodation and travel booking engine solutions.

Travel Booking Portal Software for Every Travel Companies

Cyrus Technoedge is a specialized Travel Booking Portal Software company providing travel portal software at commendable rates. The tourism industry is quite huge as several business players are its participants. There are travel agencies, agents, small or big travel portal software companies which are domestic or international and also some of the operators are its participants.

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We provide travel portal development for Travel Agents which is an exclusive solution for agents; this unique travel web application has designing pattern which complements the requirements of Travel Portal Software. Every agent who is working in travel area must some specific characteristics and functions in the web application; we provide them certain customized API software which is able to fulfill the requirements of the users and agents as well. We provide customized and High Quality flight/air ticket portal development with flight XML API integration services for travel agents, airlines companies in India as well as abroad.

There are several benefits of airline reservation system over the manual way of business. Here are some of the highlighted benefits:

  • Travel Booking Portal Software is designed and developed under the norms of professionalism. It is business oriented still attractive.
  • Free flight booking API for website provides fast and error free online reservation facility to the users.
  • There is a service of reservation software cancellation.
  • Notification through email regarding ticket booking software, cancellation etc.
  • Appealing banners are available for the purpose of advertisement.

Online Hotel Booking Portal Software Development Company

Hotel booking portal software for the Website is provided by Cyrus Technoedge at affordable prices. We are a Travel Booking Portal software company which has all the resources to create a well-designed and well developed hotel booking portal software. Online Hotel Booking Portal Software is very much in demand that is why travel companies are earning high profit because most of their tasks are now completed by the system itself.

Hotel Booking Software Cyrus

There is no requisite of any manual help for any task that is why technical solution is not upper rank if compared with the value of outmoded business schemes. Here are some of the features which are appealing:


  • Hotel booking portal software for Travel portal software provides ease to travel agents in getting more translations that is business development.
  • Hotel Management Software is able to manage all the pivotal tasks by its own. This solution eliminates the physical work. Self-managing software provides ease to travel agencies.
  • Hotel booking portal software offer online booking software to tourist, they can relate the prices of different service providers and then users can make the registration.
  • Notification of reservation software is provided to the booking makers through email.
  • Cancellation options are also provided in the solution, in case users need to cancel their booking, they can do it very easily.

Free Flight Booking API for Website

This Free Flight Booking API can help your customers to directly book domestic and international flights. The Free Flight Booking API on your website can also act as a long term revenue generation system. So if you think the stage is all set for your business to rock, why to delay? In case you do not have a website get exclusive discounts from Cyrus Technoedge & get it developed of your choice.

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A travel web portal is not complete until it has an integration of the free flight booking API. Free flight booking API is a platform where a facility of online air ticket bookings is provided to the tourists who value to process bookings through internet. These days, there is no work which cannot be done through internet; the internet is a giant tool which provides all the facilities to tourists like online reservations and online hotel room booking for their stay. Travel Portal Software and necessary for tourists and Flight Booking API integration is the most important module of it. The API integrated solution offers ticket booking without any error.

Cyrus Technoedge solutions has a unique model of multi layered free flight booking api within its products where the company does flight xml integration with its products to provide a world-class supply system to its customers.

Enhance your bus ticket booking software Website

Cyrus Technoedge provides, Bus Ticket Booking Software with best fares and commissions. This bus booking engine software is easily integrated with our online travel service products to allow our clients to enjoy the cheap convenience of bus tickets. The customized feature of the bus booking software can let travel management companies schedule routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map.

Bus Booking software Cyrus

With the integration of bus ticket booking software to your online travel portal, you as a travel service provider can provide out of the box Travel Portal Software related services relating to bus anywhere in the globe with great deal of capacity and accuracy. The solution we create is with customized features as per the requirement of customers. You can search for seat booking, cancel and generate reports for both reservations and cancellations. It is the quickest and effortless way to book Bus.

We are contracted with all major Bus Transporters in India which allow our guests to book Bus Ticket Booking Software from mostly every part of India to any part of India. All our destinations are mentioned in the booking engine. Client can seek courses, look at rates and affirm reservation progressively. Transport booking programming can be effortlessly worked in with the site as a white-name booking motor. Framework can likewise get to stock from different transport administrators alongside its own stock and show totaled outcomes. Client can book transport stock over the globe according to his inclination.